What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Mobility, continuity and security.

DaaS enables you access to your desktop with any device you want, from anywhere you are, and at anytime you need to.


With DaaS, you can leave the office whenever you want, and still be on top of everything.


It is a fully managed cloud-based solution that guarantees business continuity even during power outages without any data loss or interruption to customer services.


South Australia’s statewide blackout in September 2016 cost businesses $367 million according to the state’s peak business lobby. The median cost for all businesses including the loss of production, trading, wages paid even though they weren’t operational was $5,000. In such scenario, DaaS customers would not have lost unsaved work, continue to work on battery-powered devices or from another location with power.


DaaS also brings extra level of security to the IT backbone of your business. Your crucial business data is stored in world-class data centres with very efficient and powerful IT security systems.

Did you know that small businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrimes, and 60% of small businesses that was targeted by cyber attacks went out of business within the next six months?

Cloud-based managed DaaS systems reduce the risk of being targeted by cybercriminals.

Businesses pay only a predictable monthly fee that is dependent on the number of users, and have the flexibility to add and remove users as required.

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