Is Cloud Computing Good for SMEs?

Small and medium businesses have heard the words “cloud computing” over recent years but it appears SMEs are now starting to see real benefits from moving to the cloud.
According to researches conducted by ABS on business use of paid cloud computing services shows that, from 2014 to 2015, cloud adaptation among SMEs has risen from 19 percent to almost one-third in just one year.
Another research conducted by SmartCompany in 2016 in Australia, shows that this percentage increased to almost 75%. The majority of these businesses stated cloud computing gives them better flexibility (58%) and agility (54%). Migrating to cloud services also aids these businesses be more cost-effective (44%) and grow their venture (37%).
In addition to the reasons stated above, SMEs choose to migrate to cloud computing due to;
1. Its scalability feature – If you’ve got a heavier-than-anticipated workload or an increased IT budget you can add applications as you need them, and scale it back when business becomes slower. As there are no infrastructure costs as traditional IT environment is linked to, you’re not stuck with hardware around the office when you change the scale.
2. Its disaster preventing structure – Cloud Computing allows the systems to keep the data on your application’s cloud provider’s servers. If any disaster occurs in you IT environment, your cloud service provider partner is able to recover the data from the cloud so that you can continue with providing your services without any delays or hiccups.
3. Its green-energy characteristic – What makes the cloud green is if businesses stop building new data centres every time they run out of capacity, and instead migrate to cloud. Organizations spend millions of dollars each year to add data centre infrastructure. This causes waste in energy usage, in the server’s creation, and whole lot of raw materials too.
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