Benefits of Cloud Computing for Financial Services Sector

Everyday more financial service businesses are migrating to the cloud to create a strong competitive advantage. As cloud vendors keep upgrading their security structure and privacy capabilities, many firms in the financial services sector are becoming more comfortable to carry their IT environment into the cloud. In addition to that, migrating to the cloud is linked to healthy growth. A research conducted by Dell reveals that businesses investing in the cloud are expanding almost %50 faster than firms which resist to adopt.

Below are some of the main advantages financial service businesses might gain by starting to use the advantages of the cloud.

Very Low-Cost Storage

It’s very crucial and sometimes legally forced for financial companies to store the data for long period of time. If you are using on-premise servers, you would need to invest a lot in additional storage units for having enough space for storing years of financial information.

The cloud presents effortlessly scalable storage that can be expanded or diminished in seconds through a cloud dashboard. But that’s not the best news. If you use MapX’s virtual solutions (virtual desktop or server), you can have the storage solution up to 500 gigabytes for free! And if you want to increase the storage space, it only costs a few cents for a gig.

Strengthen Security

Businesses who take advantage of cloud computing enjoy a more secure IT environment than those who try to do it with an on-premise system.

Disaster recovery and backup on the cloud is the most efficient solution to have a secure data save. There is not a single point of failure. Business data is kept in multiple servers, in different geographical location (to prevent data loss in geographical disaster cases) In the case of a server failure, risk is reduced to minimum as your data is safely backed-up in different locations.

With MapX virtual desktop/virtual server solutions, you can benefit from built-in security against viruses and malware; e-mail retention for compliance, policy-based encryption for e-mails, and multilayered virus and spam protection which are brought about to keep your data safe and secure.

Benefits of Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure as a Service gives perfect testing platform for businesses because it helps costs to decrease on deploying, examining, and running new projects and applications on in-house resources. On top of the convenient testing platform, the cloud offers extremely high-level computing and processing capabilities thanks to the highly advanced hardware and infrastructure used at the data centres.

If your business is interested in exploring how cloud computing can work for your IT environment, reach out to a MapX expert to talk about your needs. Contact us at for a free consultation.

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