Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage    

One of the most confusing things about cloud is the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage. Most people think they are synonymous. But, these two are separate services that would make your business lives easier in two very different ways.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Financial Services Sector

As cloud vendors keep upgrading their security structure and privacy capabilities, many firms in the financial services sector are becoming more comfortable to carry their IT environment into the cloud.

   Why to Work with a Cloud Computing Broker?

Your business adviser would most probably tell you it's better to own than to lease, but that idea is ignored when it comes to cloud computing. Here are some of the benefits working with a cloud vendor gives you

  Data Security – A Guide on Cyber Security for   SMEs

How are SMEs being hacked and what kind of precautions can they take to strengthen their defenses?

   What Is Cloud Storage and What Are Its    Advantages?

Cloud storage allows firms to advantage on many aspects. So, we'd like to take a few minutes, and share 3 main business advantages of cloud storage

Clouds | MapX Systems  How Green Is The Cloud?

As technology continues to progress, the carbon footprints become more widespread, increasing the negative outcomes of global warming. But cloud computing is different. It supports the green technology planning.  

    XaaS – Everything-as-a-Service

XaaS – Everything-as-a-Service or Anything-as-a-Service refers to all the cloud-based IT services. And it is the future!

man holding a notebook   Game Changing Technology for Education:    Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops in Classrooms

Managing hundreds of BYOD student devices on combined wireless and wired networks is a must across today’s education institutions, but can also keep IT managers working late for long periods. Worry no more! Virtual Desktop can help.

   How Does Cloud Computing Reduce Your IT    Costs?

Thinking about migrating to the cloud? One of the most important reasons is that the cloud can be a great financial saver. How does it help businesses to reduce the cost and to make them more profitable? Here are the 5 main ways:

     Client Stories – Redback Conferencing

Client Stories - Redback Conferencing "It's always great to see that we can lean on MapX's expertise on diverse IT solutions"  -  Peter Matsumoto - Co Founder @Redback Conferencing
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