man holding a notebook   Game Changing Technology for Education:    Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops in Classrooms

Managing hundreds of BYOD student devices on combined wireless and wired networks is a must across today’s education institutions, but can also keep IT managers working late for long periods. Worry no more! Virtual Desktop can help.

   How Does Cloud Computing Reduce Your IT    Costs?

Thinking about migrating to the cloud? One of the most important reasons is that the cloud can be a great financial saver. How does it help businesses to reduce the cost and to make them more profitable? Here are the 5 main ways:

     Client Stories – Redback Conferencing

Client Stories - Redback Conferencing "It's always great to see that we can lean on MapX's expertise on diverse IT solutions"  -  Peter Matsumoto - Co Founder @Redback Conferencing

   How Secure Is Cloud?

Although many organizations have already realized the benefits of cloud, one of the main questions asked is “How secure is the cloud?” Research findings of McAffe indicate that, it’s even more secure than traditional computing.

    What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Mobility, continuity and security.   DaaS enables you access to your desktop with any device you want, from anywhere you are, and at anytime you need to.  

    Is Cloud Computing Good for SMEs?

Is Cloud Computing Good for SMEs? Small and medium businesses have heard the words “cloud computing” over recent years but it appears SMEs are now starting to see real benefits from moving to the cloud. According to researches conducted by ABS