Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Storage

One of the most confusing things about cloud is the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage. Most people think they are synonymous. But, these two are separate services that would make your business lives easier in two very different ways.
In order to make the best use of it, finding the right tool for you is crucial. It might look confusing but worry not! MapX Systems is here to help you to better understand the difference and make the right decision.

What is Cloud Backup?

Simply put, cloud backup is mostly used as an insurance against data lost. It is to make sure files are safely copied and kept in case they needed to be recovered due to an emergency.
Cloud backup works by sending the replica of the data over a private or public network from your on-premise server to an off-site server or copy the data in different servers in different locations.

What is Cloud Storage?

The main aim of cloud storage is to amass files online, so they can be obtainable anytime and anywhere. It really refers to preserving data to an off-site storage system taken care by a 3rd party. Rather than storing information (ie. emails, images, videos…) to local storage devices such as your computer, you save it to an off-site database. The stored data is delivered on demand with pay-as-you-go costs, and rules out purchasing and managing your own storage infrastructure.

Which is Better for You?

You need to make the decision depending on your need.
It might be better to use backup if you have critical data that needs to be stored carefully. With cloud backup, your data is stored on a third-party server, safe and sound. MapX Cloud Backup is a complete IT business continuity solution for businesses of all sizes and helps them secure their data, servers and even entire data centres from both natural or man-made disasters.

On the other hand, cloud storage might perform as a hard drive for your business and store limitless number of files. If you need to store large amounts of data but your hardware (laptops, desktops…) don’t meet your needs, cloud storage would be a perfect solution for you. It allows you to store and access all your files whenever you need to, while eliminating the necessity to spend extra money on hard drives or other storage hardware.

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