Backup / DR as a Service

Backup / DR as a Service

We are Prepared for the Unexpected!

MapX offers Disaster Recovery as a Service as part of our comprehensive cloud based IT solutions. The services that we provide is a complete IT business continuity solution for businesses of all sizes and helps them secure their data, servers and even entire data centres from both natural or man-made disasters.

The DRaaS services we provide our clients either backs up or replicates their systems from an on-site appliance to a cloud data centre. What this means for our clients is that in case of an unexpected outage or a natural disaster where their servers and hardware are damaged MapX is able to recover the data from the cloud so that the data is accessible to our clients who can continue with providing their services without any delays or hiccups. In this way, MapX is able to keep the data of our client’s protected at all times. Whether our clients need to recover the data on a single file,  a database or a server, for MapX, it’s as easy as pushing a button.

The DRaaS solutions offered by MapX can ensure that your business stays in business by implementing robust data protection and recovery solutions at an affordable cost.

Important Features of MapX DRaaS

  • Unmatched Reliability – MapX offers a robust and all-in-one IT solution by not only offering its clients with unmatched Cloud based IT services, but also state of the art backup and disaster recovery for your system, all under one roof.
  • Guaranteed Recovery Time Objective – With a maximum recovery time objective of just minutes, MapX is able to offer a streamlined service that enables businesses to get back online soon after a disaster strikes.
  • Automated Testing – The automated testing service we offer at a regular basis ensures that your servers stay protected that are in a virtual private environment.
  • Push Button Recovery – MapX offers a push button recovery feature for entire data centres along with graphical recovery plans which can be viewed by the business owner.
  • Total Support – MapX offers the expertise of its team of highly professional architecture specialists who are always on standby to assist you in a fail over or a failback.


To find out more about our unmatched DRaaS solutions please feel free to contact us today.

To find out more about services offered by MapX, please feel free to contact us today!



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