Desktop As a Service

Desktop As a Service

Desktop as a service is growing in popularity as a more cost effective way of managing a business desktop environment. By offering Desktop as a Service, MapX enables businesses to BYOD such as tablets, or laptops to connect to their company applications data and mailing systems. In other words, MapX offers custom Desktop as a Service that helps organisations reduce the amount of capital investments needed for the integration while ensuring a significant increase in their productivity.

Desktop As a ServiceHow DaaS Works?

Through the flexibility of the cloud, MapX takes on the full responsibility of hosting and maintaining the computers, storage and access infrastructure of its clients. This also includes the applications and application software licenses that are needed to provide businesses with the personalised desktop service they require. Additionally, Map X also manages the software and hardware, along with performance updates and security, virus protection, data backup, email management and other cloud hosted solutions, ensuring businesses that they will have all of the tools in place to grow their business, reach out to a wider audience, and eventually reach their bottom line.

Improves Productivity

The DaaS framework that is offered by MapX enables businesses to adopt BYOD to improve employee productivity while at the same time ensuring that their data remains safe and secure. But, the major benefit of using DaaS as part of a business IT infrastructure is that it helps businesses avoid significant up-front costs that related to system hardware and software infrastructure. Instead, all those who choose to use the DaaS system offered by MapX just get to pay a simple monthly subscription that is based on usage, which leads us to the final benefit of using DaaS.

Pay-As-You-Go IT Services

The Pay-as-you-go DaaS solutions offered by MapX means that users get to only pay for the services they require. This is the perfect solution for small start-ups and SMEs who are looking forward to making the switch to the cloud. MapX offers unmatched DaaS solutions that enables businesses of all sizes to pay as they go and grow at their own pace. The kind of financial advantage offered by MapX DaaS services is less likely to throw a wrench into your business’s financial planning.

More and more businesses have realised the many benefits of moving away from physical desktops and adopting desktops as a service. DaaS offered by MapX has already helped numerous organisations reduce IT costs and improve workforce productivity, as we can do the same for you.

To find out more about Desktop as a Service offered by MapX please feel free to contact us today!

To find out more about services offered by MapX, please feel free to contact us today!



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