Is Cloud Computing A Green Solution?

As technology continues to progress, the carbon footprints become more widespread, increasing the negative outcomes of global warming. But cloud computing is different. It supports the green technology planning. Private, as well as public, cloud computing provides a greener variant to in-house server systems in the following manners:

Data Center Effectiveness
According to Pike Research’s market research, the wide adoption of cloud computing could lead to an approximate %38 reduction in global data center energy spending by 2020, which would be achieved by consolidating data centers, causing less equipment requirement to monitor systems and manage workflows improving recycling efforts, lowering carbon and gas emissions.

Dematerialization of high carbon hardware with virtual substituted helps to increase energy efficiency. For example, cloud computing applications enable international companies can share data instantly throughout all their global offices or host virtual meetings, which gives them opportunity to save energy, money, and time.
Reducing a Firm’s Carbon Footprint
According to Accenture’s study , cloud adoption can cut energy use and carbon emissions by 30 to 60 percent compared to on-premise IT infrastructures for large businesses. For medium-sized companies, the carbon emission reduction can be reduced by a 60 to 90 percent, and for smaller businesses, typical e-waste reduction can go beyond 90 percent.

Virtualization of Resources

Virtualization, a basic technology used in cloud-based infrastructure, allows one server to be able to manage several operating system images at the same time. This helps decrease the footprint from physical servers and thus contributing to the betterment of the environment.
In terms of resource efficiency, this will help businesses need fewer physical servers and other workloads to support the same level of workloads, constantly reducing e-wastage. In terms of energy efficiency, less equipment will use up less electricity.

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